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Cantilever Kit


Cantilever kit, the right solution in difficult situations!

Designed to implement gates with various openings and weights. The cantilever kits offered by FAC are often deployed in industrial fields. These are the practical solutions for all situations in which installation of a normal sliding gate is difficult because of heavy vehicle and forklift traffic, uneven ground, or because of gravel or snow. The cantilever system in fact provides a structure that slides by means of special trolleys, therefore without the need for a ground rail.


More than just a kit!

This system is the best in terms of security and sturdiness: FAC proposes various kits, differing by type
of gate openings and weights, with components that are specific to the various requirements.
Find the one that’s right for you!

Discover the right one for you!


How can the right kit be selected?

Each cantilever kit is complete with accessories designed by FAC to be installed where available types of spaces and necessary use differ.
Among the most important factors we have singled out length and weight: these are in fact decisive in the choice of the appropriate solution. Let’s take a detailed look at the various models:

Simplicity and security

The classic cantilever kit mainly consists of two trolleys positioned at the rear section of the gate, which guarantee its sliding by balancing strength and weight. Depending on the opening to be covered and the size and weight required, various kit solutions that include all the accessories necessary for structuring the required cantilever solution are available. FAC also offers a wide range of STAINLESS STEEL accessories.

To further simplify the selection of the most suitable kit, we have developed a specific configurator for cantilever gates. Directly on-line, the kit and most suitable accessories for specific needs can be simply assessed on our website, starting from data elements such as opening and assumed weight for the single gate; see technical instructions and request further information.

Experience that becomes innovation

The Guardian kit is a cutting-edge solution for performance and creativity suitable for openings of up to 12 m. This system was devised after years of know-how gained in the field of accessories for gates and doors and thanks to the international attitude of our company that serves customers all over the world.

Guardian is an innovative alternative to the customary cantilever gates which exploits all the features by adding a significant reduction in shipping costs. In fact, it does not use the typical rail, which instead is made with a simple standardised tubular section.

It also uses two special trolley systems customised to reduce the shipment dimensions and weight. These accessories exploit the cantilever structure, thus maintaining all the features of standard gates: to this are added ease in shipment, installation and maintenance thanks to FAC’s sustained research, dedicated to improving the experience provided to the customer.

Are there difficult terrain and limited space issues? No problem!

FAC exploits the telescopic leaf technology and its features, which allow footprint minimising, with all the advantages of the Guardian cantilever system: the result is therefore a functional, sturdy and secure structure, which protects the customer in the most difficult conditions, saving shipping space and costs.

The Guardian telescopic cantilever kit is ideal for difficult terrain conditions and in case of heavy vehicle traffic (trucks and motor vehicles), combining the advantages of a ground rail not being needed and the compactness of telescopic systems that often are demanded by large gates due to considerable openings but with little lateral space.

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