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The Bi-Folding Kit


High performance and limited overall dimensions

Are you interested in solutions with hinged leaves?
Our Bi-Folding kit is an innovative and patented system, to implement rail free folding gates: thanks to its folding leaves, it is the ideal solution to deal with even large openings in addition to solving problems where there is a lack of lateral sliding space and uneven ground.


Bi-folding kit: when design meets technology!

In absolute harmony with each customer’s aesthetic taste and for the practicality of their use, FAC accessory kits make designing solutions for every type of opening possible. The design and customisation of each gate make it unique and FAC accessories allow the implementation of perfect folding gates to protect your privacy and to assert an ideal aesthetic line.

For this reason FAC offers several versions: the HD Bi-Folding kit (Heavy Duty), the Bi-Folding Home kit for 90° opening and the Bi-folding 180° kit for wider angles.
Discover their features to select the one best suited to your requirements.


More than just a kit! Sturdiness and precision with maximum ease of assembly

In the HD Bi-Folding version, the kit guarantees maximum precision of movement without the use of a rail: with the folding leaves minimising footprint, the kit also provides greater sturdiness, thanks to the reinforced arm, as well as ease of opening. For larger size gates where special attention to the safety and security features is demanded.

These accessories are designed to be easily and quickly installed: they can be implemented for openings up to 8 metres. Being extremely versatile, the Bi-Folding Heavy Duty (HD) kit is suitable for double installations as well, with openings reaching up to a width of 16 m.

Its ideal application is for gates intended for commercial and industrial structures, since its components allow for sturdy and large gates of optimal sizes to be implemented, guaranteeing the security of the spaces.

Versatile, ideal for your needs even in small spaces!

The Bi-Folding Home kit is designed to be installed in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

These accessories are compact, can be motor-driven and are easily installed: the folding leaves operate without the use of a ground rail, and span a maximum opening of 5 metres. It makes a double installation to span openings of up to 10 m possible.

Adapts perfectly to home spaces and is the ideal solution for condominiums as well, where many daily openings and adequate security are necessary.

180 degrees ideal to expand space

The new 180° kit of the Bi-Folding family is designed to expand lateral passage spaces. The system exploits all Bi-Folding qualities, with a larger movement angle: in fact, the leaves rotate at 180° disappearing from the opening passage and thus facilitating entry. The special accessories included in the kit, in fact allow the folding of the leaves and at the same time to shift them by 180° in relation to the opening, creating an additional passage space.

An innovative and patented system that allows openings of up to 4 m, reaching 8 m in case of double use.

The Bi-Folding 180° system is easy to install, does not use a ground rail and its use is very versatile.

Bi-folding kits include:

  • Column joint
  • Leaf joint
  • Special hinges for 90° and 180° opening
  • Specific aluminium hinges for folding leaves
  • Special protective guards
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