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Swing gates

The solution without ground rail is practical and with reduced footprint: this is how our accessories are presented, designed for swing gates and special hinged openings.


Practical and reliable!

Swing gates are often chosen thanks to their convenient mounting on columns, without the need to install a ground rail, but still able to guarantee wide openings with the usual FAC-standard quality and reliability.
The rail-less system makes the installation suitable even on difficult terrain, or where there is no lateral sliding space.
FAC provides all suitable accessories for this type of gate, such as upper and lower hinges, with and without plates, adjustable or for quick fastening, as well as hinges, pins and safety cables.
The attention we pay to customer requirements has led us to study and create special hinges that do not limit the opening of leaves to 90 degrees, but extend it up to 180 degrees.


Scopri tutti gli accessori

FAC dispone di tutti gli accessori adeguati a questo tipo di cancello come cardini superiori e inferiori, con e senza piastre, regolabili o a fissaggio rapido, inoltre battenti, perni e cavi di sicurezza.


The Bi-folding kit will solve your sliding and footprint problems!

The most suitable kit for this type of gate is certainly the Bi-folding: thanks to its special accessories, installation will be simple and quick, creating a hinged opening that will allow the leaves to fold inwards at 90 degrees, reducing the overall space requirement.

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