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Flexible and sturdy: the most innovative system on curved rail

The latest and most innovative solution in the field of sliding gates.
Designed by FAC to optimise available spaces: the ideal kit to implement gates that can exploit perimeter spaces thanks to the rail and special swivelling wheels that allow sliding on a curve.


Maximum space efficiency

The Radius kit, designed with FAC’s care and dedication, is the ideal and most innovative solution to take advantage of new spaces with all the features of sliding gates.
A system that furthermore guarantees high performance and maximum freedom, since it manages to exploit angles and curves and is perfectly suitable for installing in tight spaces. Classic cases where a hinged gate would be cumbersome.


Reverse Radius is the new FAC solution for sectional gates, specifically designed to achieve maximum opening range in limited spaces.
FAC offers 7 predefined kit solutions, with opening and footprint dimensions calculated to allow maximum access clearance.
Choosing a kit is simple: depending on the total available space, the most suitable kit can be selected. The proposed kits allow for openings up to 6.0 m, with a set number of leaves and measurements.
The space allocated to the curve area is minimised, allowing 80% of the available space to be used for the opening.
The accessories included in the kits are easy to install, and our technical charts explain each single step in detail.

Features of the NEW Reverse Radius Kit solution:

  •  Maximum weight: 500 kg;
  •  Perfect for limited openings and spaces;
  •  Simple kit selection based on total available space;
  •  Predetermined leaf measurements depending on the selected solution;
  •  Easy installation.


Study and innovation: features that make it a unique product!

FAC provides a modular solution of accessories in kit form:

  • The primary leaf kit is used exclusively for the first of the leaves, and includes all the accessories to implement the structure and customise one’s own Radius sliding gate: plate, hinges and curved rail.
  • The secondary leaf kit consists of accessories for the implementation of each subsequent leaf.

Modular and customizable structure

The kit allows a free opening to be obtained, independent of maximum length measures, thanks to special hinges designed to interlink multiple leaves, thus creating an actual modular structure customised according to specific requirements.
Each leaf successive to the first is equipped with a 360° swivelling wheel that allows it to slide on a curved rail with two radius options (0.5 m and 1 m). The rails can be installed along walls, fences and buildings, allowing for considerable space saving.

The special wheels of Radius are equipped with a damped compensation system that allows them to remain in contact with the rail, preventing gate derailment even in case of ground unevenness.

Features of the innovative Radius Kit:

  •  Max. weight: 500 kg;
  •  Unlimited opening;
  •  Easy assembly;
  •  Solution available in kit form.
  •  Maximum possibility for leaf structure customisation.


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