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Sliding gates

Innovation and technique characterize the mechanisms suitable for the installation of sliding gates, perfect to meet specific space and opening requirements.


The ageless classic combined with innovation and the technologies of the future

Sliding gates have always been the solution most adopted in both residential and industrial environments, this being mainly due to their versatility.
At FAC, we provide a wide range of high quality accessories such as:

  • Wheels;
  • Rails;
  • Plates;
  • Racks.


Components designed for every need

Discover all the different types of components listed above in our website to make your sliding gate suitable for small and large spaces with the possibility of lateral sliding.


The Telescopic Kit will solve your space problems!

Should the space beyond the opening be limited, we provide our customers with the practical telescopic sliding kit, which guarantees an opening of up to 15 metres, using 2 or 3 leaves that, with one sliding over the other, reduce the space needed beyond the opening.
One of our best-sellers, synonymous with practicality, safety, sturdiness and durability through time.

Il Kit Radius risolverà i tuoi problemi con ingegno!

Se ancora non hai trovato ciò che fa al caso tuo, devi valutare il Kit Radius!

Questa specifica soluzione sfrutta gli angoli utilizzando un sistema di ruote girevoli, che scorrendo su una rotaia curva utilizza a pieno gli spazi perimetrali, rendendo così l’apertura del cancello pratica ed efficiente

Questa innovativa gamma di accessori è studiata e realizzata da FAC per garantire al cliente la massima praticità e semplicità di installazione.

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